A day to show off your wonderful dresses to your loved ones and friends.
"If you want to wear a horn, you want to wear your own dress different from people!"
We will meet your needs .
As for the price of the dress, it depends on the contents of the order, so we will actually come to our shop and show you what you can satisfy.
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A line

It features a simple silhouette that gradually spreads from the upper body to the hem, and it is popular because it does not choose the figure.

Mermaid line

The upper body is snug and the mermaid-like silhouette spreads to the hem. You can produce femininity.

Princess line

There is a switch at the waist, you can produce a pretty dress figure with a large bulging silhouette across the hem.

Slender line

Slender body line is emphasized and features an adult-like silhouette. Especially recommended for tall people.

Empire line

There is a switch from the lower chest , characterized by a long skirt part. It is also recommended for people who are short because it has a foot length effect.

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